"Guardian" Embellished Print by Mathias Horne

Embellished Print

40x60’’ Acrylic on canvas

Collaboration between Mathias Horne & Taylor Green

Collaborating with Taylor on this Mother and Cub painting has been a unique and memorable project. It started with a conversation about how we could capture the role of the mother bear as a guardian and teacher. Inspired by a series of Taylor’s photographs from an encounter in the Great Bear Rainforest, ‘Guardian’ strips away the background and focuses on the individuals, inspiring an intimate connection to the relationship between a mother bear and her cub, and the powerful lessons that we as the human viewer may discover.

“Mathias’s painting has wonderfully brought together two moments in a story that unfolded just 15 feet in front of me, in one of my most cherished encounters as a bear-viewing guide. It’s a story that reflects not only the relationship between a mother grizzly and her cub, but also relationships between bears and people. While the mother bear confidently led the way unfazed by our presence, her young cub cautiously followed, pausing at this moment. And as she paused she looked at me and my fellow observers, in what was, to me, a powerful moment of learning and trust building. A lesson was taking place here in front of me, with the mother leading by example as she carried on with her foraging. Through my many years observing bears I have experienced firsthand the admirable role that mother bears play in providing protection and guidance to their offspring, and all the while I keep coming back to my appreciation for how much the grizzly bear has guided and taught me.” - Taylor Green

Mathias Horne

Mathias Horne is a Canadian artist based in Squamish, British Columbia. His passion for nature extends beyond art to include science communication and conservation. In addition to working with the Grizzly Bear Foundation, Mathias partners with photographers, scientists, and other organizations to ensure his artwork reflects the anatomical and behavioural realities of the species he is depicting. Through his work, Mathias’ goal is to inspire people to care about the species and ecosystems we share the world with, as well as support the initiatives fighting to protect them.

Website: mathiashorne.com

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Contact: info@mathiashorne.com


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