"Sunset Over the Saddle" original painting By Stephanie Kellett

A unique and stylized rendition of a sleeping Grizzly nestled in a sunset-kissed landscape. Titled 'Sunset Over the Saddle', this acrylic painting measures 24" x 24" and is painted on a birch panel that sits 1/2" off the wall. Some of the natural wood grain of the panel is highlighted and adds to the feeling of the forest in the piece. Inspired by a six week wilderness trip to the Chilcotin Plateau, specifically the Nemiah Valley where this mountain saddle resides.⁣

Stephanie Kellett⁣

Stephanie Kellett is a visual artist working and residing in Nelson BC. With a focus on drawing and painting, her work explores relationships to landscape, animals, and spirit, and how these relationships can be transformative and help us move towards a greater sense of joy.⁣

Working mainly in acrylics on canvas, paper and wood, Stephanie uses North American wildlife, combined with personal symbolism, colour and pattern, to evoke emotion in her work. Larger series are inspired from multiple week wilderness trips taken in prime grizzly bear habitat, experiences with plant medicine, and the seasons. Themes of connection, loss, and animal mysticism imbue her work.⁣

Receiving her Diploma in Fine Arts from Okanagan University of British Columbia in 2003, and her BA in Art History from the University of Victoria in 2008, Stephanie has continually developed her love for drawing, painting, installation, and nature-based art.⁣

Stephanie has created murals for the Nelson International Mural Festival, ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art in Wells, Re-Imagine Street Art Festival in Penticton, as well as numerous public murals in the Slocan Valley. She has had multiple solo public gallery exhibitions, as well as solo shows at private businesses. She has illustrated four books of short stories and/or poetry, and many of her paintings reside in private residences around the globe.⁣⁣