BUY NOW: Limited Edition of 100: Mali print by Doria Moodie – signed and numbered

Please note that items ordered after December 8th will be shipped in January 2022

Print of Mali by Doria Moodie

10" by 10" by with 1/2 inch border

Doria Moodie is a full-time artist based in Whistler, BC represented by Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont Hotels in Whistler, Banff and Jasper, with a new gallery in Stratford, Ont. She is a strong advocate for BC bears (black bears, spirit bears and grizzlies) and has spent many days observing them in the wild in order to paint large, intimate portraits of them. Doria has been the artist in residence for 3 years at Knight Inlet Lodge, an exceptional spot to learn about and view grizzlies in the wild. She is the official artist for the Grizzly Bear Foundation (GBF) and is a member of the board.

Doria is a member of our Board of Directors.