"Brother Bear" Fine art print by Rachel Bear Photo

"Brother Bear" Fine art print by Rachel Bear Photo

Brother Bear' 11x 14" framed print. Framed in solid dark oak and printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo environmentally friendly archival paper. Signed and certified by Rachel Bear Photo.

Rachel Beardsley

I started life in England, where after studying fine art and environmental science I settled in Banff, Canada, to pursue photography and work for the national park.
Self-taught, I have since had work published in Canadian Geographic, Can Geo Kids, and have shortlisted for The Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

In 2020, 'Brother Bear' was honored in Canada’s most prestigious Wildlife Photography award, the Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photographer of the Year. The image shows a heartwarming moment between two grizzly cubs, in which they appear to be giggling in laughter. Their mother, out of shot, gracefully foraged for dandelions whilst her cubs played mischievously.

Traversing the boundary between photography and fine art, the intention of my style of work is to evoke a soulful connection through animal portraiture - hopefully inspiring respect for wildlife and their habitat here in the mountains.

I use environmentally sustainable methods of fine art production - my pieces are printed onto the world’s first archival-grade paper made from bamboo fibres.

Instagram - @rachelbearphoto
Website - www.rachelbearstudio.com