"Grizzlies in Wonderland" Giclee Print and "Messengers of the Great Bear" Oracle Deck by Sarah Hammond Studio

16" x 20" Giclee Print (Fine art print) not framed.
Grizzlies in Wonderland was inspired by becoming a mother in strange pandemic times and needing a little magic & colour in her life. Original drawing is a play on scale of the grizzlies, mushroom & belted kingfishers which are drawn in pencil & coloured caran d'ache pencil. Then Sarah has added the vibrant colours using photoshop.
56 Card oracle deck, including a guidebook and box that it all fits neatly inside
Messengers of the Great Bear Oracle deck was created by Sarah Hammond and Brenda Holmes. Together they share a passion for foraging a deeper connection, not only with their inner most selves, but also with the world in which they live in. One of the most beautiful aspects of connecting with our animal guides is the vast amount of wisdom they hold, and knowledge they can impart about our deeper selves. Their teaching this knowing is innate and intuitive within each and every one of us--we only have to rediscover it. Sarah’s stunning hand drawings paired with Brenda’s interpretations have created a deck unique to the geographical location in which they both reside: Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We hope this brings you deeper insights into your self-exploration and connection with your intuition, dreams and sub conscious.
Sarah Hammond Studio
Sarah has always been deeply creative. She knew early on that artistic expression would be her life’s canvas, inspired by the natural world in particular. Her affinity with nature was sown back on her family farm in rural England, Nottinghamshire. At university she chose a different world to venture into, obtaining a BA Hons in Fashion Design from Nottingham Trent. Following on down this path, for 16 years she worked as a clothing designer. In her 20’s she was living in London and Amsterdam, soaking up the design culture of Europe over a period of 5 years. From there she was invited to continue her work in Vancouver.
The call of the wild was never far away, however. The growing disparity between an industry that propagates consumption and disposability jarred more and more with her own ecocentric values. Over the last 7 years Sarah has been inexorably drawn back to her roots. Sarah is a student, a devotee, an ally to the natural world. Her fine line, highly detailed drawings seek to capture and showcase its stunning biodiversity, bringing the beauty of the outside into our homes, rewilding ourselves a little in the process, too.