Grizzly Guardian - Giant (3 ft)

The hunt may be over in BC, but grizzly bears aren’t out of the woods. Action is easy - become a Grizzly Guardian!

Human encroachment, habitat fragmentation, climate change and hunting in other areas is threatening this already at-risk species: unless we take serious action now, we may face a future without the iconic grizzly bear. 

We’re active in communities, in schools, and in the field, creating safer spaces for both people and bears and finding solutions to protect grizzly bear habitat and food sources. The Guardian program furthers this work. With your support we can protect this ecologically important North American icon - become a Grizzly Guardian today.

Whether you're searching for something for your children or your grandparents, Grizzly Guardian bears make impactful and meaningful gifts.

We will contact you upon purchase regarding delivery. This item is eligible for a $800 charitable receipt.