SILENT AUCTION: "Four Elements" Numbered Prints By Susan Point

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Four Elements Numbered Prints By Susan Point, Unframed

This series is very rare and no longer in print.  

Unframed 18” x 18” each

Susan Point, RCA
Coast Salish

Serigraph, Printer's Proof  I/II

**Please note the picture shows the photos framed, but the prints up for auction are unframed. 

Susan Point is a Musqueam First Nations artist.  She was born in 1952 and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Susan artistic career began in 1981 and she immersed herself in the study of traditional Coast Salish art, and emerged with a language of design, both authentic yet vibrantly contemporary.

As well as practicing traditional motifs, Susan also expresses her own personal style.  Like many First Nations artists, she uses the meaning found in traditional art to create innovative work in a wide range of mediums. Susan initially began producing fine art in precious metals, serigraphs and acrylic paintings; however, she is now producing large scale public art in mediums which include glass, wood, stainless steel and concrete.  Many of Susan’s works can currently be found in private and corporate collections in over twenty countries around the world.

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Item donated by Nicholas Scapillati