SILENT AUCTION: Hollow Tree Candle Gift Box - Fireweed

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Hollow Tree Candle Gift Box - Fireweed

Inspired by the majestic forests, our luxurious handmade candles are handcrafted in small batches within the coastal rainforests of Whistler, BC

Includes two candles: one Ceramic Jar and one Travel Tin

Scent: Ambrette seed absolute | Lily of the valley | Peony

Epilobium Angustifolium: Tiny seeds rise the wind like parachutes and begin a new delicate life where fate carries them, rising up – stately, steadfast and strong. A flower rooted in love cannot fade. A plant that is the first to grow after a forest fire glistens in her pink hues upon the forest floors showing us that through such devastation grows intricate beauty.

Wax: Premium Coconut Wax

Burntime: 60 hours (25 hours for the Travel Tin)

Oils: Plant Distilled, Non-Synthetic

Packaging: Recycled/able

Wick: Cotton