SILENT AUCTION: Mathias Horne x Taylor Green "Grizzly Bears: Teachers of the Land" Exhibit Collaborative Gift Bundle

Items will be shipped as soon as possible, though we cannot promise delivery before December 31st.

1 x 11x17" fine art print of ‘Serene’ by Mathias Horne.

1 x 11x17" fine art print of ‘Watchful Eye’ by Mathias Horne

1 x 12x18” fine art print of ‘Patience / The Sleeping Bear’ by Taylor Green

6 x 5x7" Greeting Cards of ‘Patience / The Sleeping Bear’ by Taylor Green

1 x ‘Nature is Magic’ Bateman Foundation x Grizzly Bear Foundation tote bag featuring one of Robert Bateman’s most endearing Grizzly drawings.

Mathias Horne and Taylor Green are both participating artists in the "Grizzly Bears: Teachers of the Land Exhibit", a partnership between the Bateman Foundation and the Grizzly Bear Foundation. The art work included in this gift bundle are three of the works included in the exhibit, which is currently on display at  Kelowna Art Gallery