"Sunset at Third Beach" Oil on Canvas by Corrinne Wolcoski

24x36” Oil on Canvas

Corrinne Wolcoski

Wolcoski is an established artist with over 40 years of painting behind her. Completing her BFA at Emily Carr University pushed her into the realm of professional artist in 2003. Since then she has completed 100’s of large scale canvases depicting the beauty of the West Coast. This love of nature and pursuit to capture the serene calmness she experiences is what inspires her to create. 

Travelling extensively along the West Coast has provided her with an infinite source of inspiration. Plein air studies and documentary-type photography provide the necessary reference materials she needs to visualize the beauty she sees in paint. Her work has helped her contribute to the Nature Conservancy of Canada and to personally preserve almost five acres of our West Coast for future generations.


Instagram: @corrinne.wolcoski