As we face dramatic biodiversity loss and the climate crisis, we urgently need to accelerate conservation goals and renew our relationship with the natural world.  Make a difference and take action today.


It’s been three decades since BC’s last plan to conserve the iconic grizzly bear. The government has been exceptional in their government-to-government work with First Nations and has listened to Indigenous Leadership by changing the name of the plan from a Wildlife management plan to a Stewardship Framework. More must be done to strengthen these documents to ensure they protect the ecosystems grizzly bears roam, the foods they eat and that they promote sustainable coexistence. 


In 2022, we celebrated a new conservation milestone: grizzly bears in British Columbia were five years free from being hunted by foreign and residential hunters for their hide, paws, and head. Join us and grizzly bear advocates across Canada and around the world in celebrating this five year anniversary.


Working in partnership with EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy on a letter campaign and documentary "In the Cross Hairs: The Road to Recovery for Alberta's Threatened Grizzly Bears", our goal is to ensure that grizzly bear management in Alberta continues to work toward recovery and coexistence with input from all stakeholders, including First Nations.