Our Story

In 2014 home builder, philanthropist and art collector Michael Audain, O.C., O.B.C., was visited by a grizzly bear and her two cubs in a dream. Curious, Michael travelled to the Great Bear Rainforest, where he lived a similar personal experience. Inspired, Michael returned to Vancouver to establish the Grizzly Bear Foundation.


Widely known for his passion and support for the visual arts, Michael Audain is a home builder and art collector from Vancouver, British Columbia. He is the Chairman of Polygon Homes Ltd., and Chairs the Board of the Audain Foundation, which was established in 1997 to support the visual arts in British Columbia. The Audain Foundation expanded their scope of support from art to wildlife when they provided start-up funding for the Grizzly Bear Foundation in 2016. 

Through his leadership and unbounding generosity and support for the Grizzly Bear Foundation, Michael has become known and respected as a devoted advocate for grizzly bear conservation. He has worked passionately to ensure grizzly bears have a voice in our communities, governments, and in the public’s hearts and minds. Sparked by the fight to end the hunting of grizzly bears in British Columbia, Michael’s vision to ensure a safe and healthy future for grizzly bears all across North America continues to fuel the Grizzly Bear Foundation’s important work many years later. .  ‍