Grizzly Bear Foundation publishes and distributes information on the history, ecology, conservation, management, and economic impacts of grizzly bears.

In May 2017, Grizzly Bear Foundation appointed a Research Advisory Committee to identify knowledge gaps and advise us on future research priorities. The committee provides a well rounded opinion through the lenses of ecology, social science, traditional ecological knowledge, conservation, and animal welfare​ to ensure we are considering a broad range of research opportunities.​

A major theme that has crystallized through ongoing discussion with our Research Advisory Committee is that of food security. Human population expansion and resource management coupled with climate change are impacting the quantity and quality of grizzly bear food sources. We are currently undertaking research to examine the impact of climate change and human management practices on two key grizzly bear food sources: salmon and wild berries.

Grizzly Bear Foundation focuses its research efforts on priorities identified through its existing and ongoing work as well as through the advice of our Research Advisory Committee. From time to time we may issue calls for proposals for specific research projects, which will be posted here. If you’d like to be notified of our calls for proposals, please request to join our research mailing list by emailing