RELEASE: BC Hunters Support Ban On Grizzly Bear Hunt

October 06, 2017

VANCOUVER - October 6, 2017 -- A newly released poll by Insights West (1) reveals that most British Columbian hunters (71 percent) favour ending the grizzly bear trophy hunt, while a majority (58 percent) are actually in favour of banning all hunting of grizzly bears in the province.

Entitled “Survey on Hunting Regulations in British Columbia” the poll was commissioned by LUSH Cosmetics and the Commercial Bear Viewing Association.

An earlier poll by Insights West (2, 3), showed that an overwhelming majority of both urban and rural British Columbians favoured the termination of grizzly hunting. However, the recent poll is newsworthy as it reveals that even the hunting community cares about grizzly bears!

Commenting on the poll, Michael Audain, Chairman of the Grizzly Bear Foundation, said that, “The latest poll confirms what our Foundation’s Board of Inquiry heard when they toured the province last year, and certainly demonstrates strong support for the NDP government’s recent decision to completely ban grizzly killing in the Great Bear Rainforest, and trophy hunting elsewhere in the province. The only concern we have  is that the policy is not clear enough, as it could leave loopholes for killing grizzlies in the name of taking meat for the larder, although the evidence we received indicated that only a tiny proportion of the population is interested in eating grizzly bears”.

Audain added, “However, because climate change is adversely impacting the salmon runs and the berry crops that the bears depend on, as well as urban expansion and surging backcountry recreation, we believe it is incontestable that the grizzly’s future is threatened. Therefore, we cannot support policies that would lead to the avoidable loss of a single bear”.

Michael J. Audain, Chairman

About Grizzly Bear Foundation
The Grizzly Bear Foundation, based in Vancouver, is Canada's only charity solely dedicated to the long-term welfare of grizzly bears. It supports the conservation and preservation of grizzly bears through education, research and public education.

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Photo by Jim and Doria Moodie

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