You can help light the way for orphaned grizzly cubs

December 20, 2023

A Special Holiday Message from Taylor


Dear Friends and Supporters,


I hope this letter finds you filled with the warmth and good cheer of the holiday season. The holidays are a time for celebration and gratitude, for coming together and giving back. 


As we gather with our loved ones, I invite you to join me in supporting a cause close to my heart: orphaned grizzly cub rewilding.


Can you help me raise $5,000 by the end of the year?


In 2019, the Grizzly Bear Foundation began supporting Project Rewild, the world’s first long-term study examining orphaned grizzly cub rewilding efforts. Over the past four years, we’ve followed the journeys of fourteen orphaned grizzly cubs, from the tragic losses of their mothers to navigating their second chances at life in the wild.


As the project’s Principal Technician under the mentorship of Independent Research Scientist Dr. Lana Ciarniello, I have experienced firsthand the challenges and complexities of this work, as well as the moments of joy and milestones of success. I have traveled across the province, driving thousands of kilometres with orphaned cubs in tow, reaching remote meadows and mountaintops by helicopter and exploring grizzly bear habitat by foot, weaving my way through dense brush and scaling steep rocky slopes. Setting up trail cameras, identifying grizzly bear foods and habitat use on the ground, and investigating den sites are some of the ways I have been dedicated to collecting the data and answers needed to better understand the success and survival of rewilded orphaned grizzly cubs.



As my third year with Project Rewild comes to an end, I reflect on how much I have learned from the individual story of each orphaned grizzly bear, all of whom have illuminated the harsh realities of surviving in the wild, including the many human-caused challenges grizzly bears face in a human-dominated world.


Thanks to the world-leading work of Dr. Lana Ciarniello, we are so close to sharing all that we’ve learned so far. Informed by four years of in-depth investigation of orphaned grizzly cub rewilding efforts, Project Rewild will provide science-based best practices and recommendations for improving the welfare and care of orphaned grizzly bear cubs and enhancing their success and survival in the wild. 


Project Rewild has been a very personal journey for me and this holiday season I am reaching out to my friends, family, and supporters to help me reach my year end fundraising goal.


There are two ways you can help:


1. BUY A CANDLE THAT GIVES BACK. Light up the new year with a Hollow Tree Candle inspired by nature and handcrafted in my hometown of Whistler, BC. 100% of the profits from your purchase will be donated to Project Rewild. My goal is to sell 100 candles before New Year’s Eve. Use the promo code GRIZZLY10 for 10% off.



2. SUPPORT ORPHANED GRIZZLY CUB REWILDING WITH A GIFT. Your act of generosity, big or small, will make a difference for orphaned grizzly cub rewilding efforts. Every bear matters, and with your support we will bring their important stories to light to inform grizzly rewilding programs and policies in British Columbia and beyond. Make a donation today.



Thank you for considering helping me reach my fundraising goal.


I wish you a wonderful holiday season, and a bright start to the new year.




Taylor Green,

Principal Technician, Project Rewild

Outreach & Communications Manager,

Grizzly Bear Foundation 



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